About ME

My name is Melissa and I am addicted to movies and television shows (there I said it, now everyone say it back to me, “Hi, Melissa,” because I am true addict). I am a product of the 80’s and 90’s, someone who grew up in the burgeoning digital age. A time when recorded shows meant you sat in front of your VCR and physically pressed pause and play to record your favorite shows. As a side note I did this with My So-Called Life. But really I would have done anything to watch Jordan Catalano on repeat. Do you know how long that took by the way? Hours and hours! It was also a time when corny sitcoms like Full House and John Hughes movies ruled the airwaves. Going to the movies for me has always been a literal escape from reality. Sometimes it’s better to escape to la la land, than face the realities of the world (I mean have you looked outside lately?).

As someone who is also a book nerd, I love the fact that movies bring stories and characters to life. Ones we fall so deeply in love with, whether they are the hero or anti-hero, that they forever stay ingrained in our memories.

Whenever I watch Bridget Jones’ Diary, I can only remember how I used to feel watching that movie. I completely related with her in my 20’s when she sang “All by Myself,” alone in her apartment and drunk off vodka. Yeah I was there once or twice, don’t judge (LOL). My point is movies make us feel a certain way; we sometimes see ourselves in other characters, and sometimes we wish we had the bravado and personality that some of them bring to life on the screen.

I also want to use this blog to talk about all the awesome TV shows that are constantly popping up. It feels like every few days, there is a new TV show out; you can literally Netflix and chill with yourself for a year and you would still probably not be caught up. There are days where I think, “OMG, I have nothing to watch,” and others where I feel so absolutely overwhelmed with options, that I inevitably end up watching something I have seen a hundred times over and over again like Frasier and Seinfeld. TV programming today is phenomenal though, many are comparable to short movies, therefore these shows need to be discussed and watched.

I started this blog in 2013 on WordPress, as a way to add some creativity to my life. As a technical writer, I don’t get to have that kind of fun with words very much. I stopped doing my blog around 2016, due to some health issues, and have rekindled it in hopes of talking with other cinephiles and TV show buffs like myself. Check out the Archive section of my blog to see my older posts.

Whenever I meet someone who tells me they are into movies, I always ask what’s your favorite movie? Leave me a comment and tell me your fave.