Question of the Month: Most Anticipated Movie (The Real Version)

You know time is flying by because it is Question of the Month time! Luke posed this question to the group, what is the movie that you are most anticipating and looking forward to seeing? The movie could be something upcoming or something in the way, way future. His sub-question was also equally wonderful and thought provoking, who would you choose to play Eric Issacs in his biopic? I dare you to close your eyes and imagine the IPC movie? I nominate Steven Spielberg or Chris Nolan to make this movie, it could totally be like Jurassic Park meets Inception. C'mon please!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted on Oracle of Film:

And the Oracle is back off holiday. Well, not quite. I still have a pretty hard day of work and right as you are reading this, I am probably slaving away over my ‘mystery, third job’ that I have no idea how much of a mystery it still is, for anyone that follows me too closely on Twitter. I am just too terrible at keeping secrets. But I knew that even if I couldn’t post for the entirety of this week, there was no way in hell I could deny you guys Question of the Month. You put so much effort into these answers and I don’t want you guys going another second without reading the article below.